006 - Garden Grove - Seasons

Welcome to Point Crawl. I'm your host, Connor Sites-Bowen.

Point Crawl approaches conversation like roleplaying games approach adventures - a series of landmarks to explore and find meaning in.

Today's Point Crawl starts at the Garden Grove.

  • Point of Interest: Garden Update [1:20]

  • Point of Interest: Cold Song [11:00]

  • Point of Interest: Pittsburgh In Snow, 2013 [13:50]

The music for this week's episode:

  • The aria “What Power Art Thou” (Cold Song) from King Arthur, or the British Worthy. The semi-opera was written by Henry Purcell, with a libretto by John Dryden. That was me singing as the Genius (in the sense of an animating land-spirit) of Cold, having been awakened by Cupid - Love itself!

  • Blue Circles”, by Unreal DM, featuring C Soul.