005 - The Place of Shelter and Refuge - Maintenance and Ritual


Welcome to Point Crawl. I'm your host, Connor Sites-Bowen.

Point Crawl approaches conversation like roleplaying games approach adventures - a series of landmarks to explore and find meaning in.

Today's Point Crawl starts at the Place of Shelter and Refuge.

  • Point of Interest: Metaphor (0:53)
  • Point of Interest: Garbage Day (2:35)
  • Point of Interest: The Great Highland Banjo Jam Session (5:00)
  • Point of Interest: The Cleaner of Myths (9:30)
  • Point of Interest: The Leaving of Liverpool (15:52)
  • BONUS: About the Music (18:05)

    The music for this week's episode is My Old Kentucky Home, played on musical saw, from a 1921 novelty recording by John Hanford.