Connor Sites-Bowen

Pittsburgh, PA

This city electrifies me, keeps me turned on. I function on pedestrian density. I thrive on serendipitous meetings. I'm a coffee shop sketch artist, a people watcher, a logistician. I'm a nights and weekends guy. I have big hopes and complicated thoughts.

I'm a human being, goddamnit.

I’ve been doing logistics for non-profits in the region since 2010. I like the base of the Maslow’s Hierarchy - I’ve helped move more than 12 million pounds of food and more than $4M in surplus medical supplies.

I worked at Global Links, where I managed their distribution programs and keep the inventory flowing. Global Links redirects still-useful medical materials away from landfills and towards health initiatives, both locally and internationally, mostly in Latin America. Everything from Hydraulic Lifts to 60mL syringes.

I worked on and off at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank from Fall 2010 until November 2015. I coordinated the Produce to People program there - large scale produce distributions throughout the region. Check the header image for an archetypal illustration of one. (I drew that!)

I'm the Brigade Captain over at Code for Pittsburgh, the city's civic data nonprofit.