007 - Keystone Temple - First Reflection

keystone temple.jpg

Welcome to Point Crawl. I'm your host, Connor Sites-Bowen.

Point Crawl approaches conversation like roleplaying games approach adventures - a series of landmarks to explore and find meaning in.

Today's Point Crawl starts at the Keystone Temple.

This seventh episode is entirely behind-the-curtain shoptalk. It is a debrief and reflection on the first six episodes, “Season One”, as it were, as well as an exploration of what the project is about, why I’m doing it, and who my Podcast Family Tree is.

  • Point of Interest: Legacy Audio [2:47]

  • Point of Interest: The Podfather Part I [8:56]

  • Point of Interest: The Podfather Part II [11:08]

The Shadow // Psychedelic Salon // C-Realm // Tom Barbalet

The music for this week's episode:

  • The intro music for the Keystone Temple is a piece called Zenophobic, by Salakapakka Sound System, from the album Buddha Machines on Fire Vol. 2. Buddha Machines are small musical loop players which produce meditative music. These small plastic boxes were first created by Beijing based electronica duo FM3, back in 2005, and have inspired many subsequent projects and products.

  • The music underneath the recreated opening to The Shadow is an electronic piece called PLATO No. 4297 Iridescent Violas, by PLATO & the Western Tradition, a live and improvised electronica set performed by David K. Barton on April 9 of 2017 somewhere in Michiana (pronounced Mish-e-Anna), the area around South Bend, Indiana that straddles the state border.

  • This closing track is Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix) by spinningmerkaba, featuring Morusque, Jeris, CSoul, and Alex Beroza.

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