004 - Container Yard - Reefer

container yard cover art.png

Welcome to Point Crawl. I'm your host, Connor Sites-Bowen.

Point Crawl approaches conversation like roleplaying games approach adventures - a series of landmarks to explore and find meaning in.

Today's Point Crawl starts at the Container Yard.

  • Point of Interest: Listening Notes (:36)

  • Point of Interest: Reefer(3:19)

  • Point of Interest: 30,000lbs of Bananas(4:15)

  • Point of Interest: Tracing This Container - Self-Correcting Numbers (5:47)

  • Point of Interest: Tracing This Container - Looking Up the Container (8:29)

  • *BONUS* Information about Episode Music (13:33)

You can download your own free papercraft 20' shipping container here, or support my shipping container research by buying my art.

Music for this episode is CC-BY: Parranda, by zambeatz. Zambeatz is Jorge Molina Prudot, an experimental musician from Comayaguela, Honduras. 

Parranda is an Afro-Indiginous musical form and festival format that happens around Christmas-time across Latin America. The Parranda featured in Prudot's haunting mix was performed by the Garifuna group Los Menudos. The Garifuna reside on the Caribbean coast and are of West African, Island Carib, Arawak, and European descent. They are a minority group within Honduras, which has long been the chief source of bananas for the United States.

Thank you Creative Commons and thank you Jorge Molina Prudot. 

Fuel consumption math based on numbers from Electric Refrigerated Container Racks: Technical Analysis [PDF link} by the Electric Power Research Institute. Apologies if I'm way off, but I think the exercise was illustrative regardless of the accuracy of a given computed average fuel price over time.