25G1 Alpha - Creative Commons PDF - FREE!

This is a printable papercraft model of an unlabeled 25G1 Intermodal Container.

25G1 is the Size/Type code - 2 for 20’, 5 for 9’6” external height, and G1 to describe, in this case, a “General” container with standard passive venting along the upper portion of the lateral walls.

There are no centralized numbers, but best guesses are that around 30% of the world’s shipping container fleet are 20ft containers, and they are commonly used in urban settings for non-shipment needs - storage, food vending, temporary structure needs, etc.

The model should print at 1/60th scale - one inch of the model is five feet in full scale. This scale is appropriate for many miniature games and other tabletop hobbies. It fits neatly within the printable area of most modern 8.5x11 printers.

I printed the test prints onto 65lb cardstock in a variety of colors. If you make some cool ones with cool materials, please send them my way on Instagram - @connorsb

This particular model is yours - I release it under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons license. Please, share it broadly, use it however you would like. Print it out for your kids, use it in classrooms, send it to nerdy friends.