Fantastic Adventure: Greenfield Bridge


king of the forest

This one-day event was in concert with the opening of the Greenfield Bridge, the second bridge to bear that nickname. The previous bridge was demolished in December of 2015.

City of Play, a Pittsburgh creative agency dedicated to encouraging creativity and overcoming fear, put on a play/show/adventure/performance/art piece within the larger "The Bridge is Back" celebration, a memory-making, Fantastic Adventure.

The Fantastic Adventure brought together more than 40 local artists to create two sets of locations and events (Wondrous and Wise) to be discovered and interacted with by those members of the public willing to purchase an apple (wrapped in a map!) and adventure! Tokens of Wisdom and Wonder were returned from these sites to maypoles at either end of the bridge, and at sunset, the most-decorated maypole (Wonder!) came alive and marched to the bridge's center, for the ribbon cutting.

For the day, I took on the role of King of the Forest, an ancient, overdressed spirit, picnicking in the city, meeting the public, and welcoming everyone back to Schenley Park.

I made a number of additional materials for the event, including two Appalachian Folk Songs and a tree of Forbidden Knowledge (the Pittsburgh Creed).


Tribune Review, October 14, 2017 "New bridge restores identity for Pittsburgh's Greenfield neighborhood"