002 - Field of Field Recordings - Overtaken By A Train On a Bike

field of field recordings

Welcome to Point Crawl. I'm your host, Connor Sites-Bowen.

Point Crawl approaches conversation like roleplaying games approach adventures - a series of landmarks to explore and find meaning in.

Today's Point Crawl starts at the Field of Field Recordings.

  • Point of Interest: Listening Notes [:37]

  • Point of Interest: Overtaken By a Train On a Bike [5:41]

  • Point of Interest: Hidden Highways [13:17]

The episode of Andrew Kaiser's ZenGlop podcast that I mention can be found here: http://www.zenglop.net/zenglop/2018/05/episode-30-modes-of-sonic-psychogeography-modify-memorialize-manipulate-.html

Music for this episode is CC-BY:  Xanadon't by Mystery Mammal. Thank you Creative Commons and thank you Mystery Mammal.