(PDF) Baleful Botany 001: Irish Rose 7-in-1 PDF

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20190302_130839 (1).jpg

(PDF) Baleful Botany 001: Irish Rose 7-in-1 PDF


Baleful Botany 001 is a seven-in-one papercraft, presenting a stand of Aeonium Arboreum, the Irish Rose, as it appears across seven different worlds.

Contained within, find:

  • Rampant Exofauna

  • The Irish Rose of San Francisco

  • Paper Ritual

  • Jesus Loves an Irish Rose

  • Dr Ward’s Vivarium

  • Newt Industry

  • Baleful Botany

This fantastical terrain comes as a print-and-assemble PDF, printable on either A4 or US Letter paper. The linework looks great on everything from cardstock to copypaper, depending on the intended user.

I’ve found 65lb coverstock to be a happy medium, especially since it is thin enough to run cleanly through low-end civilian printers, which have trouble with 125lb+ cardstock.

Once you get the PDF, you can print as many copies as you’d like. Larger installations, the coloring and assembly of such which might fill a child’s weekend, can be printed surreptitiously on any old office printer, if you so choose. Other reasons for mass printing: copies for a classroom of children, an office in need of some Adult Coloring Book time, door prizes at an RPG meetup, wedding favors.

For the role-playing game nerds in the crowd: this assembles onto a 2in x 2in base, suitable for square-grid miniatures combat. It works great as hallucinatory terrain, a dryad's hometree, a wall of thorns, a shambling mound or strangleweed, a fungal grove, a glue flower, the Forest of Woe, or other fearsome fauna.

The stands fit together into a modular grid, allowing you to build arbitrarily large patches of plant-life - as much as you want to print! This is true to our world - A. Arboreum will carpet a habitat, if it can.


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